CISO Roundtable Discussion

Join our CISO roundtable discussion aimed at C-Suite Executives involved in information security and threat management.

Date: 9th December 2020

Time: 4pm

Location: Online - Webex details will be sent nearer the event.

Cyber resilience helps an organisation protect against cyber risks, defend against and limit the severity of attacks, and ensure its continued survival despite an attack.

We invite you to connect with your peers, share your ideas, and hear multiple perspectives from others at different stages of their journey to cyber resilience. Learn about different approaches and discuss frameworks and principles to cyber resilience. 

We bring you an informal networking opportunity that will enable you to:

  • Meet like-minded security professionals and industry leaders
  • Establish and strengthen valuable relationships in a private online setting
  • Openly share your challenges and approaches, and learn from your peers.

This networking opportunity is intended to be informal and sociable so please feel free to contribute to the discussion, bring a drink along and enjoy the relaxed environment.

Please feel free to also join our webinar where we will discuss cyber resilience as a set of principles that help your business prevent, detect, respond, recover and learn from even the most severe threats. We will share our best practice framework that supports these principles and invite your questions relating to cyber resilience. Click here to visit the event page

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Introduction to Security  Orchestration, Automation and Response

According to Gartner, “By 2021, 70% of deployments that are overly expensive for the value enterprise organisations with a dedicated SOC will include SOAR capabilities, up from less than 5% in 2018 and only 1% in 2017.” With its ability to address some of the major challenges that security teams face today – alert overload, disparate tools, manual processes and the cybersecurity skills shortage – SOAR is undeniably a solution that enterprise security teams should be considering to assist in responding to cyber-threats across any environment..

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Adam Palmer

Chief Cybersecurity Strategist


Adam has over 20 years working in cybersecurity. His experience includes executive positions at large cybersecurity vendors, leading the U.N. Global Programme against Cybercrime, and working as the Global Director for IT & Cyber Risk at one of the largest EU banks. Adam’s diverse global background perfectly positions him to understand and advise security leaders to be successful.

James Blake

Advisory CISO


Acting as advisor on strategic and operational risk management and cyber security operations at CIO and CISO level to ServiceNow enterprise and government customers. With a high percentage of the global enterprises as established ServiceNow customers, the Advisory CISO role helps customers establish a baseline of current capability; understand the financial, resource, compliance, contractual, political and cultural constraints in place; then help the customer establish a pragmatic program of work that can be delivered in a staged approach that allows the organisation to keep pace with the organisation's ever-changing approach to IT delivery.

Nathan Dornbrook



With 20 years security experience in high street banking IT (operations, architecture, design, implementation, management, service delivery, incident management, problem management), Nathan is an IT visionary and thought leader.

Founder and managing director of Vacta, Ltd, one of the fastest growing IT firms in Britain, Nathan has grown and evolved the business which is now Adarma, the UK’s leading independent security services company.